Cat’s Cradle announces partnership with Approved Colleges, a resource for adult learners to research, discover and compare online education programs.

Cat’s Cradle is launching an Approved Colleges’ education, training, and assessment portal, Approved Colleges for Cat’s Cradle  Passcode: CATS (all caps), where our friends and supporters may research information on degree programs, professional development, continuing education, and skills assessment tests from the leader in online education.  Approved Colleges helps individuals:

  • Earn more money by learning new skills to advance their career
  • Assess and improve their proficiency in hundreds of key knowledge areas and
  • Enhance their credentials by earning an advance degree

Offering 15,450 online degrees, 2,080 online schools, 580 online courses, 440 skills assessments, and 1,090 career listings, Approved Colleges is the web’s largest educational database.

Best of all, each time someone purchases a course or orders a skills assessment, Cat’s Cradle receives 20% of the revenue generated!  So spread the word to all your family and friends!  Visit Approved Colleges for Cat’s Cradle Passcode: CATS (all caps), today!

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