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This animal is posted as a rehome, which is a service outside of Cat’s Cradle to help owners find new homes for their animals. If interested, contact Terry Boone at 304-358-7556 or 

Chloe is a beautiful 7 year old neutered female long-haired Calico cat. She is litter box trained and up to date with her vaccinations. Chloe is shy but playful, takes a while to warm up to strangers. Once she warms up, she is a very affectionate cat. She is an indoor only cat that can be territorial/jealous. She needs to be the only pet in a house that has a quiet lifestyle. Chloe does not get along with other cats. She can be adopted from Riverton, WV.

If interested, please contact Terry at the number above.

Updated May 15, 2019.

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With one week to go, we still need your help!

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This June, adopt your very own superkitty!

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For helping us Beat the Heat!

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In 2015, Cat’s Cradle transferred 165 cats to our partner rescue organizations.  These other organizations helped find homes for these lucky felines! We could not do it without our friends partners! Thank you, one and all!!

165 Cats Transferred

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515 ADOPTIONS IN 2015! Cat’s Cradle made history this past year with a new record number of adoptions!  With the support of our incredible volunteers, dedicated staff and board of directors and the generosity of our community, Cat’s Cradle was able to find homes for 515 cats as well as transfer 165 more cats to other lifesaving rescues.

This has been an AMAZING year for our rescue! We are so grateful and thankful to have the communities of Rockingham, Augusta, Page, Shenandoah and beyond to support our mission of creating and maintaining a safe and compassionate community for animals. Join us in the New Year for even more amazing accomplishments for the animals! The best is yet to come!


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For Our Holiday Hours!

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CC final update

Thanks to supporters and donors, both longtime and new, local and far away–and to a HUGE surge of donations in the last few days–we are thrilled and relieved to announce that Cat’s Cradle has exceeded our $50,000 goal in donations during the month of August and will be receiving $50,000 in matching funds.  We are so grateful to all who responded to our plea for help. 

We want to take a minute to explain the importance of this Summertime Challenge, and why it is so important that supporters and donors help Cat’s Cradle year round.  We have had very serious discussions recently about the sustainability of Cat’s Cradle as currently configured, including our downtown Harrisonburg Adoption Center.  In reviewing our financials, we saw that, while we have increased our services due to increased need in the community, our donations have not increased.  We have been getting great results from our programs, including our downtown Harrisonburg Adoption Center, foster animals being taken in from local shelters/pounds, providing financial support for community spay/neuter, hosting off site adoptions, pet retention counseling, and medical assistance and short-term boarding assistance for low income cat owners.  But donations have not kept pace with the cost of these increased services.  Our efforts in our programs are working.  We are seeing reductions in local shelter intake and reductions in euthanasia, meaning more lives saved, but the need has far exceeded our resources.  As our waiting lists have continued to grow and volunteers continue to have to say no to those calling asking for help, many pet owners continue to be faced with even harder decisions than our financial ones.

Cat’s Cradle’s serves the communities of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County, Staunton, Waynesboro, & Augusta County and Page County.  Our Harrisonburg Adoption Center is an important presence in our community, and we are very gratified to see just how important it is to so many of you.  We are grateful to you for responding to word that, without ongoing funding, Cat’s Cradle might need to close the Center to be able to continue to fund our other lifesaving programs that offer an alternative to euthanasia for many cats and kittens.  During the final days of the Challenge, we had many donors come into the Adoption Center for the first time, some not having donated to Cat’s Cradle before, but who knew of us and our lifesaving work.  Many told us that they had no idea the level of funding that it takes to carry out our different program areas.   Many didn’t know that we had programs other than the Adoption Program.  We have been blown away by the amazing outpouring of caring and generosity in response to word of our urgent financial situation.  We want to take this opportunity to let our community know what it takes to keep all our programs going strong.

We can’t do it without you.  PLEASE help us continue on, and grow our lifesaving programs!  The funds raised through this Challenge (the monies raised and the matching funds) represent only about one-fourth of the funding we were on track to need this year just to stay at current levels of community assistance.  This level of funding has allowed us to be able to accomplish the following results:  financially subsidize over 2,000 cats in the community each year to be spayed/neutered; rescue, vet, and adopt out over 500 cats typically transferred out of local municipal shelters/pounds, offering an alternative to euthanasia for space limitations; and provide pet retention assistance to owners who might otherwise surrender their animals because they can’t afford medical bills due to unforeseen hardships they may be experiencing.  We are very good stewards of donor funds–over 87% of every dollar you give goes directly to our programs.

Our community is faced with some hard decisions as we look forward.  As we have seen the first part of this year, the demand greatly exceeds our current resources.  People want to save animals and be a part of the solution; we just have to be effective at rallying together for our common goal – – saving lives —  and the board and staff of Cat’s Cradle realize we have to make sure you know we need your help to accomplish that goal.  With that in mind, we want to say thank you, and ask that you please consider becoming a sustaining donor to Cat’s Cradle, whether it’s $10.00 a month, $25.00 a month, $50.00 a month or another regular gift.  Help us every month to bring in the funds we need to save adoptable animals, reduce pet overpopulation, and thereby reduce pets given up at our area shelters and reduce euthanasia. When you become a sustaining donor, you become a Pet Pal and we will keep you updated by newsletters throughout the year. 

Thank you again from all of us on the Board and staff of Cat’s Cradle.  You have shown us that you do value what we do to help companion animals in our communities.  Let’s keep the lifesaving work going strong!

  1. Challenge update video

We’ve raised $47,884 toward our goal of $50,000!  There is only 1 more day for any donation to be matched up to $50,000!! Please donate today to help save lives!

We are heading into the final days of the Summertime Challenge where all donations through the month of August will be matched up to $50,000!  As of August 24, we have raised $20,281!  This is GREAT, however we’re trying hard to meet our goal of $50,000, so won’t you please help?  Donate now through our donation page, by mail or drop into the Adoption Center!  Please help us save lives!!


Week 3 Challenge Updage 5x7

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