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All our cats and kittens are fully vetted and altered prior to adoption. You can meet them in person at our Adoption Center in the Harrisonburg PetSmart!

You can also view a list of our cats and kittens currently in foster care. If you see a young foster kitten that is not quite ready for his or her new home, you can still contact us to initiate the adoption process.

Consider opening your heart to a cat posted for rehoming! If you see a cat you are interested in, contact the owner for adoption information.

Two kitties are always better than one…here’s why!


Falling in love?  Fill out our adoption application below and send it in to us.  We’ll let you know when you’re approved and you can come in and pick up your new furrever friend!

Our goal is to place healthy pets into permanent and loving homes, where they will be considered a treasured member of the family for the rest of their lives. The adoption fee includes a negative Feline leukemia/FIV test, vaccines and sterilization. We will discuss the history, health and medical services your adopted cat received while in our care.

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It is recommended that you have a veterinarian before adopting. Please list their details below.

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What method of training or correction do you prefer to use if the pet misbehaves?: *
What kind of pet behavior(s) do you feel unable to accept?: *
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What will happen to the pet if you move to a location where pets are not permitted?: *
Are you prepared to provide veterinary care, including medications that can run into several hundred dollars per visit?: *
Please tell us why you want to become this animal’s guardian: *
Do you agree that pet guardianship is a lifetime commitment?: *
Are there other pets in the home?: *
If you are a guardian of a dog has he/she been exposed to cats?: *
How does your dog behave/react to cats/kittens?: *
If you have cat(s) at home, are they tested and negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia?:
Have you or anyone in your household ever been convicted of cruelty to animals?: *

Please list three personal references

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Please list all the companion animals that you have been guardian for in the past five years. Please list the type/breed, age, sterilized, how long in your care, and where is he/she now.

Pet One: type, age, sterilized, how long you had them, and where they are now.
Pet 2: type, age, sterilized, how long you had them, and where they are now.
Pet 3: type, age, sterilized, how long you had them, and where they are now.
Pet 4: type, age, sterilized, how long you had them, and where they are now.
Pet 5: type, age, sterilized, how long you had them, and where they are now.
Please use this area for any comments or explanations you want to add:

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We do double-check that all adoptions are safe and good match, so bear with us while we check references, and engage in dialogue with you. If you prefer to complete a printed copy and send it to us, here it is.

Adobe Reader is required to view and fill out the adoption application. You can download the free software here.


Everything ready to go, or wondering what you’ll be agreeing to if you adopt? Check out the Adoption Contract.