Poppyseed is an adorable 8 month old female brown tabby Domestic Shorthair cat.

She is currently in foster care, and is available for adoption now!

Poppyseed is a sweet, affectionate and playful kitten. She’s a little shy and reserved in a new environment, but is a lovely, sweet little lady. She gets along with, and plays with another young cat she just met in foster care, and enjoys playing with toys too.
Poppyseed is a special needs kitty, in that she has a defective aortic valve. Her doctor wants to start her on heart medication in a couple of months after she matures a little bit more. This condition puts her at risk for a blood clot so she will probably also be on a low dose of baby aspirin. Because of her condition, she might have a shorter lifespan, however with medication, good care & low stress she could live many years. She is micro-chipped, spayed, and current on vaccinations.

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Updated December, 2018