Gere is a handsome 5 year old male black and white tuxedo domestic shorthair cat.

He is currently in foster care but is available for adoption now!

Gere’s hobbies include playing, napping, talking, treats, purring, and carpet covered cat trees. He loves to spend time near you, and enjoys a little head scratching, but isn’t exactly a cuddly cat. Gere does not handle change well, initially. He might have had a bad experience early in life, because he does deal with some insecurity when faced with change. Initially in a new environment, he is very likely to hiss, growl or bat at you, only because he is very scared. In a calm, patient home with a calm, patient and loving person, he becomes a wonderful cat. Gere gets along best with women, and tends to be a bit more fearful and on edge with men. He has been in our foster care program for over a year because we wanted to make sure he can adjust well – His foster mom says he’s been wonderful at her house since he is comfortable with everything. Because of his initial behavior though, we recommend that he does not live with small children, both for that reason, and because he needs a quiet environment. He needs to be an indoor only cat. He gets along with some other cats (cats who do not have a very dominant personality), and dogs. He is microchipped, neutered, and up-to-date on all vaccinations.

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January, 2018