Frito is a handsome 8 month old male buff tabby Domestic Shorthair cat.

He is available for adoption at the Harrisonburg PetSmart – Come in for a visit!

Frito is a very laid back kitten who gets along great with people, other cats and gentle dogs. His hobbies include playing, kneading the dough and making biscuits, cuddling, napping and bird watching. He has chronic feline herpes virus, which means he often has weepy eyes, which are usually worse when he is under stress. Sprinkling an inexpensive immune boosting powder on his food, and wiping his eyes on occasion help a lot. It does not affect her quality of life much. He is also micro-chipped, neutered, and current on vaccinations.

If you would like to fill out an application please do so at

Updated January, 2019