This cat is posted as a rehome, which is a service outside of Cat’s Cradle to help owners find new homes for their animals.  If interested, contact Abby at 540-908-9102 or at

Julietta is a beautiful 8 year old spayed black Domestic Shorthair female cat.

Julie is a very affectionate kitty who has lost her kitty companion.  Her owner would describe her as a “domesticated feral” because she was trapped in 2010 to be reunited with her kitten that was found abandoned in an apartment.  At that time she was practically a kitten herself.  She loves being with other cats.  Her nickname is Justice Julie as she will not fight the other cats but will  breakup any spats between the other kitties.   Julie’s favorite companion was moved to a farm to live due to him peeing in the house.  The other two kitties in the home are not as affectionate as she is so she is lonely during the day while her owner is at work.  This precious little girl would love a forever home with someone who could give her more attention.  She loves peaceful companionship and would do wonderful with other loving kitties.

If you are interested in Julie, please contact Abby at the above listed number.

Updated November 2017