This animal is posted as a rehome, which is a service outside of Cat’s Cradle to help owners find new homes for their animals. If interested, contact Kelly Welker at 804-699-0309, or

Fitz is a stunning, 4-5 year old neutered, male black Domestic Shorthair cat.

“Hi, my name is Fitz.  I had been fending for myself for a long time and was struggling to survive.  I lived at a beautiful state park in the campground area, but there was no one that regularly fed me.  One day recently, a nice lady saw me that was camping there and she promised her dying kitty that she had with her that she would try to help me.  She could tell I was probably not feral, as people will assume when a cat keeps their distance outside, and I was very hungry when she gave me a meal.  She came back for me a few weeks later and I have been welcoming a safe, dry and warm place to sleep. I value my constant access to a meal, but I tend to wait for the nice lady to come back to eat, just in case I am left again.  I enjoy spending time with the new lady, but I really need to find a place that can help me find my forever indoor home. I want nothing more than to be your constant friend in the safety of a loving home. I was already neutered and have been vaccinated, dewormed, tested and treated for those itchy fleas.  I am blind in one eye due to a cataract. The vet does not believe it is a problem now or will be in the future, but it added to my struggle of surviving on my own outside.”

He is currently living in Disputanta, VA (south of Richmond).

If interested, please contact Kelly at the number/email above.

Updated December, 2018