Davy Crockett

This dog is posted as a rehome, which is a service outside of Cat’s Cradle to help owners find new homes for their animals. If interested, contact Carla at 540-271-2900 or

Davy Crockett is a handsome 9-10 year old neutered male German Shepherd mix dog.

He is a very loving and affectionate dog that had a loving companion for the last 7 years who has passed away. He needs someone that can spend time with him in his senior years and be his loving companion. He will love them in return and be very loyal to them. He is very friendly and loves treats. He is also housebroken and rabies vaccinated.

*BITE HISTORY* – The new owner definitely needs to know about his bite history that most likely stems from some type of trauma as a puppy and young dog, and be willing to be patient with him and love him and work with him. He has broken skin but never bitten all the way, and never seriously hurt anyone. Because of this bite history, an experienced dog owner would be recommended, and he should be the only pet – no cats, small children, and probably best as the only dog.

Davy really is a wonderful dog, who needs just the right loving, patient companion.

If you would like to give this sweet, loving guy who has had some rough life circumstances a loving forever home for his senior years, please contact Carla directly at the phone number or email above.

Updated January, 2019