This cat is posted as a rehome, which is a service outside of Cat’s Cradle to help owners find new homes for their animals. If interested, contact Sarah at 240-727-9174 or

Brownie is a handsome 1 year old neutered male black with faint brown stripes (ghost tabby) Domestic Shorthair cat.

Brownie is a sweetheart and very calm and loving to people, but can be more energetic, playful and rambunctious when other animals are around. He can be really independent, but loves to be around people and other cats. He may have a bit of separation anxiety from previous owners that threw him outside while he was sick and this is where his caretaker found him to save his life. He deserves a great home where he has plenty of room to play, run and explore. He seems to prefer indoors due to his previous experience. He loves other cats but he plays rough, so he would do best paired with another young, feisty cats who like to play rough too, are adaptable and well adjusted.  He has some dog like qualities, including that he loves to play and chase balls that are thrown. He even brings the ball back at times! He loves to meow and has said “mom” many times when hes happy to see his caretaker, or really wants out of the room he is currently staying in at his rescuers house.

If you’d like to give this wonderful, beautiful cat a loving forever home, please contact Sarah directly at the phone number or email above.

Updated March, 2019