This animal is posted as a rehome, which is a service outside of Cat’s Cradle to help owners find new homes for their animals. If interested, contact Cheryl at 540-271-0157 or at

Arnold is a 2 year old neutered male brown Tabby Domestic Shorthair cat.

Arnold is a very sweet fellow.  He is a little bit on the shy side so it takes just a little while for him to warm up to strangers.  He loves children and gets along with dogs and other cats.  His favorite pass time is sitting at the window with his brother Sylvester (also up for adoption) and watching birds and squirrels.  Arnold (Swarzenegger) and Sylvester (Stallone) makes a very good pair.  Despite their “tough” names, they are really low-key quiet cats. He is an indoor kitty only and is litter box trained. Arnold will do anything for a treat.  If you are interested in giving him a loving home, please contact Cheryl at the number above.

Updated October 2017